Lock in your plan and benefits until the end of 2014*

UnitedHealthOneSM is offering an opportunity to apply now for a UnitedHealthOne plan with a start date any time until December 31, 2013. Then, keep that same plan and benefits until the end of 2014 and avoid any hassles. Note that if you are currently not covered, the last date to apply for a 2013 plan is December 15, 2013. Why should I apply now?


Feel secure, knowing the benefits you
choose today will remain the same
until the end of 2014.

Extra Time

Keeping your plan until the end of 2014
gives you more time to decide which
of the new plans is right for you
and your family.


Having a plan that lasts until the end of 2014
means less upheaval for you. You can
continue with your plan's benefits and seeing
the doctors in your plan's network.