Health Coverage for Arthritis Patients

Close to 50 million Americans suffer from some form of arthritis. With the Affordable Care Act,
insurance companies can no longer refuse to cover patients who have arthritis.

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What to expect on Oct 1, 2013

  •     You can't be denied coverage because of arthritis.
  •     There'll be no more extended waiting periods.
  •     You can get affordable coverage to protect your well being.

Health insurance for arthritis
Arthritis patients know all too well about the extensive treatments required to manage pain and mobility and reduce the progression of their condition. Under the provisions of Obamacare, going into effect October 1, insurance companies can't refuse you coverage because you have arthritis or any other pre-existing condition.

Be covered for your arthritis
The Affordable Care Act will help the millions of people who formerly couldn't get health insurance coverage. For arthritis patients, in particular, the new coverage provides access to ongoing therapies, medications, pain management, and so forth.

Get access to health care
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You're not alone....

No. 1 - Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the U.S.* More than 100 types of joint diseases and conditions are recognized as forms of arthritis.*
1 out of 5 adults - plus 300k children - currently have some form of arthritis.* 67 million americans will have arthritis by 2030, unless the trend is reversed.*
*Arthritis Foundation:


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